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Wonderful Power of Ones Mind.


Whilst driving yesterday it suddenly dawned on me that I had not driven a car in nearly two years and this set me thinking of the immense power that one possesses without even realising it. Such a complex procedure as driving a car, one would think that over time one would forget the intricacies involved with operating a vehicle. But alas it is not the way as my current position behind the steering wheel of my parents car now revealed.

I was again on the road, a free spirit following the asphalt trail wherever it lead me. Truth be told, I knew exactly where it was leading me. West bound towards the North Wales coast, where I would spend a relaxing seven days, indulging in nothing more strenuous than a little  light shopping.

My accommodation for the week is a caravan, basically a tin box with smaller boxes inside that are disguised to look similar to the home from which is seeking a break from. But to its credit this caravan boasted that it was top of its range and indeed brand spanking new for the 2017 season! But no matter how you dress it up with voile curtains and memory foam mattresses it is at the end of the day a tin box on wheels, albeit a newer tin box than the aging tin boxes that surround us and indeed scatter throughout the caravan park.

The weather is today as it was yesterday, fine and sunny with clear blue skies and the slightest of breezes ruffling the trees that are dotted around. There is a tranquility here that is hard to find on caravan parks in general, a tranquility that is sometimes shattered by the sound of voices of other holiday makers as they explore the furthest reaches of the park and thus cross the path in front of my temporary abode.

As is a usual feature of my first night away, I struggled to sleep last night, i lay tossing and turning to try and find the comfortable position that I had worked so hard perfecting in my own bed at home. This struggle was not helped by the fact that upon arrival at the park I had some how twisted at an unusual angle whilst removing my case from the boot of the car, thus resulting in a dull throb at the base of my spine that became more prominent as the night progressed.

Thus is was that i awoke this morning at 8am after a mere 2 hours sleep, in total agony! This has resulted in me having to spend my first day of the holiday constantly moving between seats and beds within the caravan to try and gain a little relief from the back pain I am in. To add insult to injury my traveling companion otherwise known as my mother returned from a mercy mission to town with a back rub that can only be described as nuclear in its properties. Not because it stings or burns when applied but because it stink to high heaven of a smell that I would normally associate with hospitals or elderly peoples homes. But on a positive point the cloud of pharmaceutical odour that now surrounds me is keeping the seagulls away from my caravan and thus saving me the annoyance of hearing them tap dance their way across the roof of my tin box!!

Thanks for reading,

Peace out 

Martin x


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