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Out with the Old in with the New.



As you may be aware, I have not been writing very much these past 10 months. I found that I hit a blockade when it came to knowing what to write about, but hopefully the blockade is crumbling and I find myself wanting to write again. 

A lot has been happening within my life since the last time I wrote, as the title of this post suggests, I have been undergoing a few major changes both physically and mentally. I became so tired of feeling unwell and fatigued that I decided “Now is the time to act”. So I bought myself a whole load of books about nutrition and diet because that is where I believed the problem lay.

I decided (after much study and contemplation) to adopt for myself a “Low Carbohydrate” based diet. I had no idea what that meant exactly and if I had of known before starting then the chances are I would have dismissed it as a fad, just like I have done on so many other occasions in the past. 

The diet I am on now is more of a lifestyle change than a diet par se. I have had to make sacrifices but I have also gained a great deal from those sacrifices. I no longer eat any processed food, with the exception of tea and coffee. For the simple reason, I don’t own a plantation or roasting house. But I am going back to my herbal teas more now, but I do love a strong brew in the morning. I have replaced the processed food with fresh fruit and vegetables and totally abandoned bread, pasta or anything that contains white flour. 

My initial thoughts were “oh no not salads” but that myth was soon put to bed with a little research into which vegetables would benefit me the most. There are some strange additions to my diet of late, raw broccoli, sprouted seeds and vegetable smoothies (which look gross, but taste amazing) to name but a few. 

My diet is now based around nutrition rather than convenience, I monitor my protein intake as well as my carbs and fat intake. I don’t count calories, but I am aware roughly of how many calories I am taking in on a daily basis. A typical day for me now is:

Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs

Lunch – Salad with Chicken/Feta or Mackerel

Dinner –  Minced beef with tomatoes and mixed spices served upon a bed of Courgette/Parsnip Spaghetti 

Is it working though, I hear you cry! My goodness is it ever working, my energy levels are higher now than when I was in my twenties, I have an almost normal sleep pattern, my mood as improved and I find myself wanting to do exercise. Not to mention the weight loss that is occurring from a combination of both diet and exercise.

I am hoping that this all continues and the improvement it will have on my life will be unmeasurable. I will keep writing when I get the chance, I have so much to share about the new things I am discovering. I intend to give the website a makeover too, so as you can see it really is a case of “Out with the Old in with the New”

Thanks for reading

Peace Out

Martin x


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