Whilst I will be writing upon the subject of watercolour, I feel that I have not gained enough experience as of yet in my pursuit of this fascinating medium to be able to offer anything but the very basic advice. So I will be leaving the tutorial side of things to the experts whom have been painting for many years and as such have made nearly all the fundamental mistakes that we lesser mortals have yet to be tripped up by.

It is lucky then, that I have a very good friend whom just happens to be an experienced artist. What’s more my friend (Patrick Ley-Greaves) has a number of websites that offer tuition and guidance to artists of all abilities, from those just starting out, right through to the more seasoned artists.

Patrick offers this tuition free of charge on his websites in the hope that by passing on some of his knowledge. He is in turn helping others to enjoy and appreciate art both from a painters view point and that of a spectator. Below are Links to the websites and I thoroughly recommend you visit them as they are an absolute treasure trove of knowledge and advice!

Click here to go to “Beginners Watercolour Website”

Click here to go to “Pure Watercolour Website”

Both sites offer free tutorial videos and guidance. The beginners website has a structured painting plan to help you succeed. Starting with basic works right through to more advanced paintings.

Purewatercolour.com offers you the chance to become part of an online art community, there are competitions and challenges running on a regular basis and the site boasts a very popular and busy forum where all matter of questions are raised and discussed pertaining to art. Another nice feature of this site is the option for members to upload their artwork for other members to see and offer critique and guidance on what if anything, could be improved upon. All presented and administered in a friendly home from home style.