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Alizarin Tales Visiting Old Friends

Alizarin Tales Visiting Old Friends



Tiberius Bluewolf here again. As you join me I am currently on my travels to see an old friend, I am about half way through my journey to see him and thought I would pause and set up camp here next to the Emerald River.

Alizarin Tales Visiting Old Friends

The Emerald River runs for miles and miles, its source is close to my home in the Barren Mountains and as I join it here in the valley it as widened considerably and rapids are developing. It is a great source of fresh fish and hopefully I will be successful in catching one for my supper.

You can see the River and the Barren Mountains behind me in the photo that I attach to this journal entry, as you can see there is a lot more vegetation as you move down the mountains and into this valley, I love this time of year, the purple blooms of the Lavandula are in full blossom and the air is heavy with the perfume that each one of them emits. It really is a pleasant place to set up camp for the night, before continuing on my journey tomorrow.

Alizarin Tales Visiting Old Friends

As I mentioned I am travelling to visit an old friend, someone who I have not seen for a while and someone I know you will also be intrigued to meet. My friend is part of a tribe of Ogres that live deep in the valley. They are a mysterious race of beings, often misjudged and wrongly labelled as been violent and bloodthirsty. They do not come across like that whenever I have been in contact with them and I think the majority of tales that surround them are all manmade. I believe that you have such tales there on Earth? Fairy Tales? Designed and written to scare children if memory serves me right. But you will soon see that Ogres are an honourable race of people. Albeit a very tall and strong race!

Standing 14 foot high they tower over most other races of people, there are other races we will encounter whom make Ogres look like dwarves, such as the Giants who can grow to a staggering 30 foot in height!

Well I’m off to try and catch myself some supper, I will write again when I reach my friends camp and formerly introduce you to the Ogre way of life.


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