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Alizarin Tales Visiting Old Friends

Alizarin Tales Introducing Tiberius Bluewolf

Salutations fellow traveller!!


Allow me this opportunity to introduce myself, “Tiberius Bluewolf, at your service”. That’s me there in that photograph, I know, I am an handsome fellow am I not?. I was born many moons ago in a world that is so very different from the world you call home.

Alizarin Tales Introducing Tiberius Bluewolf

Three hundred years and 26 days, that is my age! I know I don’t look a day over Two hundred do I? When you have been alive as long as I have and seen the many wonderful and to be truthful the darn right frightening things that I have seen over the years, it makes perfect sense to for me to share my experiences with you.

I should probably start our trip down memory lane by telling you a little about myself and the place I call home. I am known by many names in many different universes. “Mage, Shaman, Necromancer, Witch Doctor, Conjurer, Magician” but here I am simply known as “Wizard”. You may already have a pre conceived idea of what a wizard is, but I can assure you that I am not all about spells and potions. Although these do play a large part of my profession, I have many skills and talents that I use on a daily basis to help and protect my friends.

I live in a world of portals, many of which I will show to you as our journey progresses. The main and most important portal is of course the Alizarin Portal and it’s uses and purpose shall all become apparently clear with time. I live on the edge of my world, not the most pretty of landscapes, but it is where I call home and there is so much hidden beauty within the rugged terrain. I can guarantee that you will be inspired and filled with wonderment from the things that I will show you and the people and characters we will meet and get to know along the way.

Alizarin Tales Introducing Tiberius Bluewolf

So I cordially invite you one and all to accompany me as I meander through the abyss of my memory banks and lead you into my world of wonderment and magic………..


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