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Alizarin Portal reaches its first major milestone.

Alizarin Portal reaches first major milestone.

Alizarin Portal reaches first major milestone.

I can hardly believe that my website as been in existence for a whole year! It has certainly been an eventful first twelve months and I have enjoyed every minute of writing and creating articles for the website.

The original thesis behind my website was to give me a kind of playground to explore and share the things that I like doing and the things I like discussing. I never envisaged that writing a blog would make me face a lot of demons that I most definitely would not of faced prior to the birth of Alizarin Portal.

Alizarin Portal reaches first major milestone.I have found that by simply having the medium to publish my personal challenges and the opportunity to express and share my thoughts and emotions publicly, has given me a boost in self-confidence as well as ensuring that I stick to my personal challenges.

These last twelve months have seen me take on many challenging aspects of my life and try to change them for the better. I have managed to visit to Worcester on two occasions to visit my dear friend Patrick and his lovely partner Lesley. I have broadened my horizons by taking an avid interest in camping and even ventured into the wilderness of the Peak District for a 4 day break ( baptism of fire that it was ). Then there has been my weight loss challenge, of which I am still working on day-to-day. But even that has given me a fresh outlook on life and a lighter less stodgy one too. I am pleased to report that although slow in progressing, my weight loss continues and I am now at the point where I exercise daily and walk for at least one mile. I will build the distance up as my fitness increases. Small steps carefully taken.

Alizarin Portal reaches first major milestone.

Not only has the website given me pleasure in writing, it has given me enormous pleasure connecting with you the readers. In all honesty when I started writing this blog, I honestly thought that no one would read anything I wrote or if they did I didn’t think they would be interested in what I had to say. It just goes to show you how wrong a guy can be! I would like to take this opportunity to send out a great big thank you to everyone whom has read my writings and I want you all to know I value and treasure your comments and best wishes.

Well here is to the next twelve months and who knows what it will hold for me, but there is one thing that you can rely on: Whatever the future has in store for me whether good or bad, I will share my experiences with you all. After all it has been a few weeks now since anyone has dared poke the bear so I am due a good rant or two!!!

Alizarin Portal reaches first major milestone.


Thanks for reading

Peace out

Martin x


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