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2017 the year of the Dog?




Introducing Albee

I have recently been adopted by a Shih Tzu puppy, he goes by the name of “Albee” and he as promised to take good care of me for the duration of our time together. He has already discussed with me a new exercise plan that he wants to put in place for me and is making sure that I eat a good and healthy diet. He is keeping check on the diet by systematically sampling all the food I prepare for myself and giving me the nod of approval if he thinks it is healthy enough! He has already shown me where I should be sleeping or rather the portion of the bed that I should not sleep on under no circumstances as this is now his domain. He has also very kindly decided to assist me in decluttering my house and he has chosen a most interesting way of doing this, he simply goes from room to room and anything he deems as clutter he simply chews up or destroys in another way, which is making decluttering the house much more simple. 2017 the year of the Dog


Gardening Guru.

He has also shown me the error of my ways when it comes to gardening! I always thought I had a keen eye for nice plants and flowers etc. but oh no how wrong was I? Albee is a gardening guru, he has already gone through all my raised flowerbeds and selectively dug up the flowers and plants that he was not a fan of and although this has left me with a sparse looking garden, I can see where he is coming from with his minimalistic approach.

2017 the year of the Dog

As far as living together goes id say we have hit it off from the word go! He has commandeered a sofa for himself and as found lots of nooks and crannies where he can store his excess treats that I give him, thus giving me endless pleasure unclogging the vacuum pipe as I hear that now familiar sound of a gravy bone becoming wedged in the pipe of the vacuum! I have introduced Albee to some human traits too, such as the importance of taking a shower on a regular basis so that we don’t develop that age of scent of Eau de Doggie. Albee is not in total agreement with this shower rule, but abides by it to humour me! I have also instilled in him the importance of toilet training, I did consider putting him in a nappy but thought better of it when Albee kindly showed me what sharp teeth he has! 


I am sure that both mine and Albee’s adventures will feature highly within the site from now on and who knows maybe he may even start his own “Dog Blog” he has already registered for Dogbook and Growler, although I told him he is been a little ambitious trying online dating as he is in a select minority when it comes to animals online.

2017 the year of the Dog




Well I have just been informed that it is time for Albee to take me across the park for my evening run, so until my next post we will bid you farewell.


Thanks for reading

Peace out 

Martin x



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